Sunday, January 29, 2017

In Praise of the Ordinary

In an ordinary place on an ordinary day, several people get together to choose poems for a poetry journal.

In an extraordinary place on an extraordinary day, several people get together to choose which hateful, ignorant acts to codify into law.

In which group of several people do you think there is the most discussion about the merits of the words on paper, the most empathy, the most concern for the unseen lives that will be touched, the most regrets for the many no's that must be said?

Why bother with the poetry at all, when there is such an uphill battle to be waged against the ignorance and hatefulness?

If I need to answer that question for you, you might want to look around and ask yourself how you came to be in that extraordinary place.


have it both ways
raven    crow
historians all


  1. Any further plans to do a poetry/collage workshop?

    1. Since Priscilla is doing a workshop in March, I though perhaps I should wait until after that.

  2. the last fish
    watch this pond evaporate
    a hawk waits

    __ If we simply watch, the talons will clutch; we must "rain away" the ignorance and hatefulness... of which you have written. _m