Thursday, December 1, 2016

December the First

Maybe it's just because it's three thirty in the morning, that the word "December" resonates in my mind's ear like a distant bell tolling...

December deserves our sympathy. Strip away the holiday-related frenzy, the final exams and frenzy of grading, the resolutions to live a better life broken before they are made, and December here in the northeast/northern mid-Atlantic has a quiet beauty all its own. I hope to use haiku this month to discover and appreciate some of that beauty, if I can steal a few moments from the frenzies. I hope to turn sympathy for the last month of the year into empathy for the subtle yet strong survival of all that is good, all that is worthy, which I'm sure must still be out there in the world, close at hand, close to heart.


from native stone
such a humble abode
such a heart


  1. Your picture is wonderful, such a thoughtful shot. I always get lost wondering about the people who built the structure and then the lives that used the place. Curious about the possible uses, was it simply a home full of love and laughter, was it ....(sorry, my brain gets carried away)