Saturday, November 11, 2017

Once upon a Time

Once upon a Time

how every story starts in media res and has no end [ just a place after which there are no more pages ( and yet you can go back and reread { or can you } ) ] and even in the middle of the middle another story { tangent } starts [ in its own middle ] and one might conclude  [ and never ends ] that one is never in the same story twice or it may be that it’s all one [ never more than ] all connected if you read long enough and find those pages that pick up after the seeming ending { hint: they all do } continuing finding the thread and you are the needle you need to be always upon a time you need to be making ( while part of ) your { [ ( our ) ] } visible / invisible garment yes you { [ ( we ) ] } need to be that sharp

Friday, November 10, 2017

because poetry

because poetry can happen in line at the supermarket and (sorry sculpture) only a modest scrap is needed to have this new thing appear in the world (a world desperately in need of new things) 

because poetry can be seen in the sky a vee of geese for example or the letters in the crossed branches of november trees 

and it may not seem like much (and ballet too can happen in line at the supermarket I hope I’m there one day when it does) but it is especially in these unpoetic times 

and do you want to talk about the stained glass window at dawn that relinquishes its colors to soak in the gray of these clouds because poetry