Saturday, August 12, 2017

What Do These Things Mean [period]

A quick "scrap-sketch" collage has me thinking the phrase, "What do these things mean," not as a question but as a statement meant to exercise my consciousness into articulating the reason(s) for art. Collage provides a of stream-of-consciousness or "scrap association" creativity, and I often find myself drawing parallels between collage and poetry, or at least the processes of collage and poetry.

So what do these things mean.

Beauty for its own sake, resonating in an unspoken and deeply personal place, means everything. Means life.

Connections, whether planned or serendipitous, multiply meaning into belonging.

We are all in there somehow. These things mean us.

A little map. A little text. A little Leonardo. A little face. A little hand. A little flora.

An image here. Then this one.

We are lost. We are found.

What we mean. What I mean.

What do these things matter.



  1. Yesterday I did some art and by art, I mean I threw colors onto a gelli plate and squished a piece of paper over it. I guess that is technically a print. But the best thing happened, as I got some ink on my fingers! It was so cool to hide away from the news to create. I am also a poet but my words are stuck in my head, mostly. Need to find a way out. Most likely it will take going out doors. Maybe tomorrow. Thank you for posting your blog and talking me through the insanity of our politics in this creative way.