Friday, February 10, 2017

Skirts of Sight

in search of any lingering
moon and stars
in wide, wide
skirts of
we shine


I am thinking of the concept of pilgrimage, which leads me to think of what I mean by "holy," as in a holy place, or some tangible thing or intangible concept held sacred. These are not words I use too often, since I am not religious.

Or, rather, I use these words often, just not out loud (or in writing), because I actually am religious: about writing (as sacred act), art (sacred objects), museums (sacred places), visiting the shrines of those who tried this thing called "living" before me and succeeded (or even failed) in ways that still inspire.

Skirts of sight — seeing more than one thought possible. And that's always a possibility (one might even say probability)—always something more to see, outwardly as well as inwardly.

In ever-widening circles of experience, perception, awareness, appreciation. In wide, wide like skirts of sight we shine.

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