Sunday, February 5, 2017

All Is Not Lost

I finished this haiga collage yesterday evening, after dinner with friends, wonderful conversation, a couple glasses of chardonnay.

I was also, as I was creating this, remembering a time in my life (more than twenty-five years ago) when I felt lifeless, outwardly composed but gray inside. It was reading and my own work with poetry that helped me compose my inner self, helped me form the inner life that sustains me to this day.

I love how collage can capture these inner compositions as well as the impressions of one's outward life, the snippets of conversation, the pieces of memories and stories, the laughter, the bald eagle suddenly crossing the winter sky, the light on the lake settling in towards another evening.

All is not lost.


the idea
is not lost
set down
by the soft light
of evening


  1. Beautiful and powerful. Thank you.

  2. Your work continues to delight and amaze me! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Padlock; this door well latched; a kitten waits.

    (Sitting kitten in low/right corner... my wierd, questionable, interpretation)