Thursday, December 22, 2016

Poet Standard Time, take 2

Thinking of the picture, or more specifically, what isn't in the picture.

Thinking of the poem, and what is left unsaid within (without?) the poem.

Thinking of time, which we only do when the present does not include that which we wish it did include.

Thinking of color and light. Thinking of shadows.

Thinking of creating something, and how one has to...not forget what one knows in order to make something new, but remember that there is more than that which one thinks one knows, and from that well of more will come the creation.

Remembering what one didn't know one knew.

Somehow, that all goes into the mix of this haiga, as I try to relearn how to live in this world, which includes the need to understand what one does not want to understand.


winter solstice
reminding ourselves
to celebrate
or at least

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