Monday, November 7, 2016

The Dance of Haiku

Several weeks ago, I sat and watched a dance competition. The swirls of color, the music, the bodies in was captivating. Each dance was brief, but they followed one after the other so that it began to seem like one continuous dance.

I began to ponder the connections between dance and poetry, and since each dance segment was so short—just enough time, to my untrained eye, for each couple to maybe make it around the dance floor once, showing their skill to the judges—that I thought specifically of haiku and dance. One little waltz of words, a quick-step of image, a tango of emotion...I came home inspired.

Thank goodness I took a lot of blurry photos, because I realized there were haiga here, in which I could try to partner the images and poems and keep with me a little of the magic of that day.

between partners
a constellation of pearls
on the dancer's back



Thanks to Noelle MK and all the dancers.

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