Sunday, November 6, 2016

Haiga Collage

is it her touch
or the lily I miss
now that the sky
is empty

Haiku or other short-form poems (such as the tanka above) with a collage, forming a haiga...This is one of my favorite creative outlets these days. Maybe it's the satisfaction of tearing magazines to shreds, or the search for the perfect image, or the writing of the poem itself (which usually happens as the collage is taking shape), or the smell of the glue stick...well, okay, not that last one. I may offer a workshop on haiga collage soon (perhaps in January, between semesters). I think my Creative Writing students enjoyed this; it seemed like a productive way to ease ourselves into the Fall semester.


  1. I love your Haiga and collage, kind of like things I write every morning. We do not subscribe to magazines so I would have to get creative to build a collage!

  2. Thank you, Jan! I will post some non-magazine-based ideas soon.